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product arrow G-Force G6P AC Charger & Power Supply

Price Rp 1.950.000

Basic functions

  • High power up to 10A charging (80W)
  • Easy operation in (Katakana) Showing the Japanese!
  • Stabilized power supply Built-in (shared with charger unit) Maximum 18A!
  • Equipped with three DC output port!
  • AC / DC compatible with both!
    ※ stabilized power supply function can not be used in the DC input.
  • USB port equipment. To charge the tablet and smartphone!
  • Accessories

    • G6P AC Charger & Power Supply body
    • Balance Board (JST-XH)
    • 2-pin connector (Deans type)
    • Tamiya type connector cable
    • Tamiya LiFe conversion connector
    • DC-in cable
    • AC input cable
    • Japanese manual

    Product Specifications

    AC input 100-240V
    DC input 11-18V
    Charging output 80W
    Stabilized power supply maximum output 12V / 18A
    Charging current 0.1-10.0A
    Discharge current 0.1-5.0A
    USB Output 5V/2.1A
    NiCD / NiMH battery available number of cells 1-15 cell
    LiPo / LiFe / Lilo available battery cell count 1-6 cell
    Pb battery voltage available 2-20V
    Body size 141.2 × 123.2 × 101.5mm
    Weight 1023g

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